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Introducing ESTR (ES traversals and transformations)

estr is a Javascript library for processing Javascript source code, building on the Esprima parser and AST. It comes with a commandline interface, based on nodejs, and an online demo, based on CodeMirror, showing how to use estr directly as … Continue reading

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Scoped tags support for Javascript, in Vim

Tags files How do you navigate a Javascript project in Vim? Well, you generate a tags file, and use Vim’s extensive support for tags-based commands. A good Javascript-aware tags file generator is DoctorJS’s jsctags (itself written in Javascript). Problem solved? … Continue reading

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Loading Javascript Modules

Contents Loading Javascript Modules What is the Module Pattern, anyway? Step 0 – separate Files are not enough Step 1 – wrap scripts in module pattern Step 2 – make exports explicit Step 3 – make import dependencies explicit Step … Continue reading

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Updating Vim haskellmode for GHC-7.0.1

New version of haskellmode plugins for Vim: haskellmode-20101118.vba . Several features of the haskellmode plugins for Vim depend on building an index of locally installed Haddock documentation. If you are using Vim and Haskell, and haven’t used these plugins yet, … Continue reading

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GUI libs? No thanks, I’m just browsing

A recent thread on the haskell-cafe reminded me of an old experiment of mine, and that it could still be useful for current Haskellers. The idea was to use a web-browser as a GUI for Haskell programs running locally, via … Continue reading

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Yet another blog

Ok, I’ve finally given in, and have started blogging. For several years now, it has become clear that mailing list posts alone were no longer working. Just as with Usenet posts before, the readership has split up (into specialist sublists, … Continue reading

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